Halloween Movies: 5 Scariest Spanish Horror Films

  • 12.11.2019
  • David

Halloween Movies: 5 Scariest Spanish Horror Films

1. The  Faun’s Maze , El laberinto del fauno

A charming, disturbing and bewitching atmosphere from the first frames takes you to the world of dark fantasies of a world-famous Mexican director Guillermo del Toro. The film unfolds gloomy, not only for Spain, which was ruled by the dictator Franco that year, but also for the whole world of the time – in 1944. The story of a young girl who flees from the world of harsh reality, following the mythical faun.

2. Reporting, [REC] 

If from the first minutes of watching a film by the Spanish directors Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaghero it seems familiar to you, do not be surprised. Perhaps you just watched the American horror movie Quarantine, which was filmed as a remake of Reportage. Using the technique of “trembling camera”, which is actively used in such works as, for example, “The Blair Witch”, the directors achieve the effect of maximum immersion while watching. The film tells about a television reporter and cameraman who filmed the night work of the fire brigade in Barcelona. In the process of filming, television people understand that what is happening is more like a live broadcast from hell. 

3. Insight, Los ojos de Julia

Another work of the Oscar-winning Guillermo del Toro and another Spanish director – Guillem Morales. The picture is about a woman who is losing her sight, trying to solve the mystery of the suicide of her twin sister. Throughout the viewing of the film keeps you in total tension – the same goes for its terrible denouement.

4. ” The ridgeдьявола », The Spine of the Devil or

And again the work of the outstanding Guillermo del Toro. Initially, the film was conceived by him as a “mystical” prequel to the “Labyrinth of Faun.” On the street, civil war, horror and horror swept the streets of Spain. At this ominous time, the 12-year-old boy Carlos is trying to fight the mysterious horror that lives in his shelter.

5. «Другие», The Others

The Spanish-American work of the Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar is a ghost story unlike everyone else. The world froze in anticipation of the end of World War II. The heroine Nicole Kidman and her children live in a house in which, in their opinion, otherworldly forces are in charge. But the unexpected outcome of events makes the family change their view of things.

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