Several Spanish movies and series that you should watch

  • 13.12.2019
  • David

Next, a selection of films and series made in Spain that can be played via streaming, where stories marked by different genres are presented, such as thriller, comedy, drama and terror.

In addition, they star in figures such as Mario Casas, Belén Rueda, Fele Martínez and Maribel Verdú, among others.

An essential list for those who love productions with that particular accent.

Criminal Spain

Criminal Spain

This is an original suspense proposal that focuses on the interrogations of suspects to discover the truth. A point of view rarely seen in this type of series.

The prominent actress Emma Suárez plays a police not too attached to ethics in order to solve their cases, a protagonist that produces mixed feelings.

Wholesale action and suspense in a good Spanish bet for Netflix.


This is a movie to watch with a pack of tissues next to it, because it is the exciting story of a teenager in search of his lost dog.

That pet is not just any one, but one that has accompanied him in his rehabilitation process in a reformatory. Therefore, the link with your dog is of maximum love and company.

In that search, his brother helps him, with whom, in addition, he tries to recover the fraternity relationship broken for years.

An exciting movie that will catch, especially the most sensitive.

The influence

The influence

Terror also comes from Spain with this film directed by Denis Rovira, acclaimed at different festivals for several of his short films.

The story centers on a young nurse who decides to return to the family home to take care of her sick and dying mother. The problem is that everything starts to go wrong when paranormal phenomena and dark secrets begin to disturb your life.

A film that causes more than some shock in the audience.

Your son

This amazing movie is one of Netflix’s 2019 premieres pelis online. With a really devastating story, it will surely leave your hair up to the last scene.

Jaime Jiménez (José Coronado) is a normal man, doctor and family man. His life turns upside down when his eldest son, Marcos (Pol Monen), receives a brutal beating that leaves him serious in the hospital.

The police cannot do much because there is no evidence or suspects, so Jaime decides to investigate on his own. He finds one of the aggressors and decides to pursue him to do justice with his own hands.

But Jaime is not the same as before. He becomes obsessed with catching the guilty and ends up blinding himself to the rest. Along the way you will discover several unthinkable things that will surely leave you with your mouth open.

The story of totally unexpected turns, which will surely keep you tuned until the last minute of this Spanish movie.

Vis to Vis

Vis a Vis is one of those Spanish productions that you cannot miss. The story takes place inside a women’s prison, which hides impressive secrets.

The protagonist is Macarena Ferreiro (Maggie Civantos), a young and naive girl who enters Cruz del Sur, a women’s prison, because she was accused of tax crimes. While doing everything possible to survive in this difficult place, his family tries to raise the money to pay the bail and get it out of there.

But everything changes when Macarena learns that one of the inmates hides a lot of money. There begins a dispute against two dangerous criminals for keeping the sum, which will have fights, robberies and even deaths.

It is a series full of suspense that, with each of its 4 seasons to date, seems to become more unexpected.

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