The 33rd performance in the biography of Cirque du Soleil.

  • 16.11.2019
  • David

The 33rd performance in the biography of Cirque du Soleil.

This is the 33rd performance in the biography of Cirque du Soleil. In the arena, of course, there are men, but in general it is a hymn to love, women, their affection and warmth. Spectators are expected by many bright numbers with the participation of amazing circus artists and an entirely female musical group responsible for the musical accompaniment.

Two words are combined in the name: “ama”, meaning “mother” in various languages, and “moon”.

The moon in mythologies and traditions often symbolizes the feminine, hence the reference to the relationship of the mother – daughter and wider – to the woman as a goddess, patroness of the planet and protector of life. But Amaluna is also the name of a mysterious island, on which the action takes place and where a lot of heroes expect a lot of magic and wonder.

Diane Paulus pushes the scope of the circus performance, spectacular show, which is known for the Cirque du Soleil, turning it into a performance created in the language of the circus.

Life on the island is controlled by goddesses and moon cycles. Queen Prosper performs the rite of passage for her daughter Miranda, who has come of age. As a result of a sea storm caused by Prosper, men are on the island. Between Miranda and a young man with the speaking name Romeo, love arises, the strength of which Prosper tests. Brilliant circus performances demonstrate a high test of their feelings – and the triumph of love completes the performance.

Traditionally, du Soleil is an international team of artists, including from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Galina Starevich, the star of the number, says: “12 acrobats performing somersaults, pyramids are participating in the issue, and I fly under the dome. In some evenings I play the role of Miranda, in others – her friends. Bankin is an acrobatic number, it requires great coherence and accuracy.

I’ve been in the Cirque du Soleil since 2009, I participated in the performances “Kidam”, “Zarkana”. Before that, she had been in sports for 12 years, of which 6 years – in the national acrobatics team of Belarus, she won the world and European championships.

Many came to du Soleil from professional sports.

There are about 20 guys from the former Union in Amalun. In almost all the main roles, ours, Romeo – Eugene Kurkin, Kali – Vladimir Pestov, Miranda – Anna Ivaseva. “

Galina Starevich is unusually plastic, the bankin number is in the finals, he ends the performance and celebrates the victory of the light forces who won on Amalun

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