New edition of the French Film Tour

  • 05.11.2019
  • David

On the occasion of the new edition of the French Film Tour, we set ourselves to the task and remember other great films of the Gallic country.

In addition to finding winning films at festivals (obviously in Cannes), you can find in this list a range of different genres -suspense, romance, animation- that will undoubtedly make you shout “Oh, la la”


New edition of the French Film Tour

For all those who want to see a period romance with impeccable art design.

It is a kind of history class on screen; But in reality the best thing about this movie is its production: the costumes, the art design and the scenery, go beyond being just a visual element, at times they become a character in the movie.


New edition of the French Film Tour

If you want to see a dense but deeply beautiful tape.

It is one of the best European films of recent years. The story about the struggle between faith and the displacements of humanity, takes a subtle and at the same time devastating role, in this film about a group of monks threatened by war.

The way in which the director implies the power of a group of religious men is not based on weapons or intimidation, but on recognizing the values ​​and kindness of the most despotic people that can exist on the planet.


The team that gave life to Amelie, returned with this work of love set during the First World War, in which a young couple is separated by the war, however, Audrey Tautou will not rest until he finds once more the love of his lifetime.

In addition to this brief and sweet synopsis, it is also worth rescuing the beautiful photograph in warm tones and cuttlefish that endow the work with a kind of fairy tales.


Only if you are willing to see an animation that will blow your mind (and that has nothing to do with the cartoons you’ve always known)

This animated film is not only fun, it is a 2D gem, in which a trio of former jazz stars are looking for a talented child-cyclist.

Although the visual component of the tape is not something you are used to, give yourself the opportunity to fall in love with this movie (And of course, music is another vital element).


To see her alone, with your partner, with your family, with your worst enemy … with whoever you want, but you must not miss it.

The most successful French film streaming complet (at the box office level) of the entire history, in which a millionaire man suffers an accident that leaves him in a wheelchair. One day he decides to hire a cheerful African migrant who will change his life.

Although there are many clichés, humor and a bit of drama make this film a good antidote for a boring weekend.


 A thriller that will keep you with your mouth open. Very different from the Hollywood suspense.

Based on a true story, this film tells the capture of a rich businessman and the deterioration process he experiences at the hands of his captors. However, this situation is not as dangerous as the fact that the press begins to reveal its darkest secrets.

“The Rapture” is a film full of tension, with a camera in constant motion that represents the free fall experienced by the protagonist.

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