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Tuesday, May 28, an event was held that marked the inauguration of the 15th Italian Film Festival to be held at the Trasnocho Cultural Center of Las Mercedes Promenade. This festival is sponsored by the Italian Embassy in Venezuela, the Italian Institute of Culture in Caracas and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. With the name of Fare Cinema, this festival will take place between May 31 and June 13, with eight film in streaming that will deal with themes such as love, friendship, drama and other topics of general interest.

Agape for attendees


          The event began with an agape for attendees (among them, reporters, diplomats, and personalities from the entertainment world). Later, a press conference was held in the Paseo Plus 2 room, which had a panel made up of the Ambassador of Italy in Venezuela Silvio Mignano, the Culture Advisor of the Italian Embassy Stefano Marguccio, the director of Venezuelan cinema and current director of Trasnocho Cultural Solveig Hoogensteijn and the critic and general director of Cinemateca Blancica (in addition to programming director of Trasnocho Cultural) José Pisano who, later, answered questions from some of those present and from adiovisual reporters.

          The event culminated in the screening of one of the films that make up the festival

 PERFETTI SCONOSCIUTTI (or PERFECT UNKNOWN in Spanish), a 2016 film that tells the story of seven friends (three couples and a single) who meet again at a dinner and share a pleasant moment until they decide to play a rather strange and risky game; put their smartphones on the table and, with the slogan “have nothing to hide”, they decide to share text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and calls that each of them receives during the evening. A very interesting story that I hope to review in another article.

          In addition to PERFETTI SCONOSCIUTTI, the following films will also be screened during the cycle:

IL PADRE D’ITALIA (2017) – About a homosexual man who works as a salesman in a store in Turin, recovering from a break with another man, but meets a pregnant woman who decides to help.

BRUTTI E CATTIVI (2017) – An impromptu band of extravagant kidnappers decides to make their misdeeds regardless of who they harm in the process; either among themselves or others.

LA MACCHINAZIONE (2016) – In the summer of 1975, the movie SALO by director Pier Paolo Pasolini is stolen from the laboratory where he is editing it. This triggers a series of events that will lead to the death of the great filmmaker.

CI VUOLE A PHYSICAL (2018) – An ugly and insecure boy and a cheerful and determined girl meet, spend a long night and fall in love.

THE STARTUP: ACCENDI IL TUO FUTURO (2017) – A kind of Italian Mark Zuckerberg creates a kind of platform that helps young people find work and decides to call it “Egonmia.”

DOGMAN (2018) – Marcello lives on the outskirts of the city where the law of the strongest reigns and owns a hairdresser for dogs, although he has a relationship with a bully that will cause problems and that will lead him to take a revenge that It can harm.

IL CIELO CADE (2000) – Isabella Rosellini stars in this film that takes place in Italy in 1943, in the middle of World War II, where a girl and her orphan sister live in the house of uncles in Tuscany. It turns out that the uncle is a Jew and cousin of Albert Einstein and they are on the edge of the Holocaust.

It should also be noted that this festival will also honor one of the great Italian directors, Sergio Leone, whose “Spaghetti Westerns” marked a milestone in the sixties. Masterpieces such as BY A HANDFUL DOLLAR (1964), DEATH HAD A PRICE (1965) and THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (1966), all starring Clint Eastwood will be projected as part of this retrospective, which will end with the director’s last film, ERASE ONCE IN AMERICA (1984), starring Robert De Niro and James Woods. All the films in this tribute will be presented by José Pisano, critic, General Director of Cinemateca Blancica and Director of Cultural Trasnocho Programming; with Luigi Sciamanna, actor, director and playwright.

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