The Avant Premières Italian Film Festival premieres the LGTB documentary “Dicktatorship”

  • 28.11.2019
  • David


Movies about misogyny, sexual harassment in the #Metoo era, a vampire masterpiece and an Italian best selller adapted to the cinema crown this first film delivery in which one of the focuses is the exhibition of masterpieces of the All’italian commedia .


On Thursday, November 14 and with the controversial LGTB documentary “Dicktatorship” directed by Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi, who investigates machismo and misognia in Italian society, Cinemark begins its First Avant Premières Festival of Italian Cinema that this 2019 will offer the exhibition of seven of the most recent Italian films, many of them a portrait of the country of pasta, all projected during important International Film Festivals, in an instance “exclusively” programmed in the complex of Mall Alto Las Condes, in Santiago.

Prestigious and Entertaining films


Thus, and with prestigious and entertaining films, such as “Non Ci Resta che iL Crimine” (Massimiliano Bruno), a masterpiece of the All’italian commedia in which its three protagonists who live today move to Rome 36 years with the extraordinary ability to guess the outcome of all football matches, with 100% success; the dramatic “Nome Di Donna” (Marco Tullio Giordana) that focuses on job insecurity and sexual harassment in the era of the #Metoo movement in the pen of the Christian scriptwriter Mainardi; the road movie “Tutto il Mio Folle Amore” (Volare) (Gabriele Salvatores) adaptation to the cinema of the Italian best-seller of Fulvio Ervas “If I hug you, don’t be afraid”; or the comedy set is Tuscany “Made in Italy” (Luciano Ligabue); or the acclaimed film by maestro Marco Bellocchio “Sangue del mio Sangue”, whom we remember by Vincere (2009), are some of the pieces that make up the 1st Cycle of Avant Premières de Cine Italiano 2019 which premieres on Thursday, November 14 and will run until Sunday, November 17, with a sample of the best of Italian film productions, whose tickets are available in pre-sale at www.cinemark. cl and in ticket offices of Cinemark Alto Las Condes in Santiago, at an approximate value of $ 5,200.

Although “Dicktatorship” (Documentary) will be the LGTB film in charge of opening this meeting in Santiago, the “aim of the Italian Film Festival is to bring European cinema closer to the Chilean viewer, through a sample of seven of the most recent films Italian exhibited at prestigious international festivals, ”explains Karina Ventura, Cinemark Chile Commercial Manager.

This Cycle of Avant Premières de Cine Italiano Cinemark 2019 arrives in Chile thanks to the sponsorship of ANICA (Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive Multimediali), the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Chile and the Italian Institute of Culture, with a schedule that you will never see on the billboard .

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